Congratulations on being posted to the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS). This posting is a unique and exciting one, with the opportunity to work in the best training centre in the British Army as well as the chance to take up new sports and hobbies and see and experience much of Canada.

Canada MapThe following pages are designed to help your move to BATUS be as smooth and trouble free as possible, giving advice and information on things that you may need to do in advance of coming, and to answer the many questions you may have about BATUS before you arrive. It also has links to other usefulwebsites, which will give further information on a range of topics that may help your move to Canada. Finally there is a pre-arrivals form available as a PDF document which you can download, fill in and return to the Housing Office, BATUS. If you require more detailed information on any areas, there is also a HIVE Information request form available as a PDF that you can fill in and return to the BATUS HIVE, BATUS,

The majority of this information is targeted at those living in Ralston and Medicine Hat. For families posted to Cochrane and Calgary, some of the information, but not all, will apply.

    Please remember that if you need to contact anyone in BATUS by phone that Alberta and therefore BATUS is 7 hours behind the UK and 8 hours behind Germany.